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Safety control rules for pipe - type twisting unit

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Safety control rules for pipe - type twisting unit

Dates:2016-11-03 Author:甘雨 Click:

1, succession, labor protection supplies must be neat, tubular strander ahead of hillock, to transfer, no off-site string kong.

2, before driving a car must personally check the condition of the equipment is in good condition, oil pressure, water pressure, air pressure is normal, such as abnormal are not allowed to drive, should notify the person in a timely manner.

3, the operator must be familiar with all the buttons of the console function and the use of methods, as well as their control procedures, the spirit of the requirements, to prevent mistakes.


4, when driving must be controlled by a person operating table, such as the two must be in coordination with the tacit understanding, the two sides can communicate signals to drive, twist system part of the problem should be responsible for the times and the times maintenance, not allowed to start.

5, is strictly prohibited on the equipment (lay machine, induction furnace, console) to place repair tools and other items. In order to avoid accidents in the operation of equipment.

6, on the spool, the operator should work well with each other, the right smoothly in the basket, the operator should stand at the side, to prevent accidents.

7, spool into the basket, the operator will top the adjustment in place, and lock the spring pin, when threading to two manipulation, with each other, and the head from the wire line reel out, through the guide wheel along the rotor rim through the nozzle junction after hours, in the shaper is tied together before, to prevent the wire back hurts, close the protective cover, locking brake.

8, the twisted steel strand wire break in noseplate outside to open the wire in the steel strand, and the head is fixed so that it cannot be erected on the outside to determine whether to pass, find the problem immediately stop processing.

9, the normal operation should tour check operation spool twisted steel wire, such as excessive vibration, should immediately stop repair, otherwise not allowed to drive the car.

10, when the layer around the end of the steel wire must be the end of the pin, the operator can not stand on the right side of the machine's position, to prevent the flying head injury.

Must wear protective glasses, 11 hand wheel cutting steel wire, when the grinding wheel is less than 1/2 should be replaced, check the power supply before use, if found problems should be timely replacement or repair, prevent accidents.

12, the console switch cabinet door must be in a closed state, to prevent chaos line, dust, debris into the cause of the accident.

13, if in the process of twisting problems, which need to be addressed in twisting machine, you must press the stop button, and through the observation window to observe the arcuate plate inertial motion stops, to ensure that the vehicle is parked, we can control open the protective door.