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410A-9 stranding machine

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410A-9 stranding machine

  • Genus:Stranding machine

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  • Date:2016/12/23
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Stranding machine 410A6-9 is mainly consisting of mainframe, take-up device and electrical control cabinets etc. 


1.1Work material: brass plated high carbon steel wire 

1.2帘线结构  Structure of cord thread:3+9、3+8*0.33、3+8*0.22、2+7*0.22

1.3Designed maximum speed of revolution: flywheel for core strand: 6000rpm, flywheel for upper thread: 3000 rpm 

1.4  Twisting direction:s/s、z/z

2  Mainframe 

2.1Core strand 

2.1.1Pay-off spool size: φ188, quantity: 4 pieces at max. 

2.1.2Pay-off tension control: chain damping block 

2.1.3Flywheel for twisting of core strand: stainless steel pressed flywheel, with YG6 grooves for wire passing 

2.2Upper thread

2.2.1Pay-off spool size: φ188, quantity: 10 pieces at max. 

2.2.2Pay-off tension control: chain damping block 

2.2.3Flywheel for twisting of upper thread: aluminum pressed flywheel, with Gr12 wheels for wire passing 

2.3Main motor: 11Kw-4P ACVF motor 

2.4Over-twist motor: 0.75Kw servo motor 

2.5Over-twisting pattern: double wheels three slots, speed of which may be stepless controlled in range of 0 ~ 3500 Rpm, stable range  set value ±0.1%. 

2.6All door cover is installed with noise enclosure, induced draft fan and exhaust fan at power rate of 0.45Kw are installed inside main chamber.  

2.7Bearing for main shaft and twister: High precision bearing manufactured by SKF

2.8Dynamic balance for main shaft and bed shaft is less than 3μm, dynamic balance for over-twister is less than 2.5μm, main shaft jumping <0.03mm, bed shaft jumping <0.03mm. 

2.9Mainframe is a welded rack treated for vibration aging. 

3 Take-up section

3.1Welded rack treated for vibration aging

3.2Take-up motor: 1.1kw-8P ACVF motor 

3.3Take-up form: by pneumatic ejector pin, by spool of model B40, B60, B80, 607 and 420

3.4 ATC device: residue torsion control< ±1 ring/meter, residue torsion fluctuation within 20 meters after startup <±1.5 ring/meter, drift of residue center value for starting and ending phase of startup will not excess one ring. The device is designed and installed with standard flat spring sized at 1.2*0.33 and 2.0*0.5    

3.5Winding displacement: 4±1.5mm, motor for winding displacement: 120W reversing motor, synchronous belt for clamping 

3.6Wire arraying ring is designed with wire miss protection 

3.7Door model detection device is installed.